David Finch Distribution



Under Hypnosis
(Series & format), All media, 2007, 50 min pilot     NEW!
A well known personality is hypnotised & interviewed, revealing truths you never thought possible!
A Guide to Ghost Hunting (Series), All media, 2007, 9 x 55 mins     NEW!
Personal tales of paranormal & supernatural experiences in some of the UK’s spookiest locations.

Haunted London (Series), All media, 2008, 3 x 45 mins     NEW!
This spine-chilling series leads you through the shadows of the world's most haunted capital city.

Fans’ Guides – James Bond’s Cars, Trekkies, Hammer Horror, Gerry Anderson     NEW!
All media  2008  50 mins How the legends began, developed, and achieved international success.

The sex.com Story, All media, 2006, 47 mins     New to catalogue
The legal tussle to establish ownership of the controversial but valuable domain name.

Busted (Series), All media, clips, 2002, 11 x 26 mins
Thieves’ favourite cars are fitted with hidden cameras & tracked by satellite after they are stolen.

As Extreme As It Gets (Series), All media excl. video, clips, 2001/2, 5 x 46 mins
Thrills, spills, chases and real life drama of accidents, police action and death-defying incidents!

The World's Worst Drivers (Series), All media excl. video, clips, 1994-2002
11 x 48 mins
Crashes, collisions, near misses, stolen vehicles, road rage and spectacular police pursuits.

Really Caught In The Act (Series), All media excl. video, 1996-2001, 9 x 48 mins
Security cameras reveal car thieves, pickpockets, robbers, rioters, as they break the law.