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The following war documentaries, produced in 2004 but not previously offered, are now available for all rights.  Each programme has a duration of sixty minutes, has separate M&E, English script and artwork for DVD release.

The History of the RAF DVD
Six Theatres of War DVD Volume 1
Six Theatres of War DVD Volume 2
Classic Fighters of WWII
Classic Bombers of WWII
The SAS in Action
Battle of Britain - DVD
Target For Tonight
History of Aviation
Listen To Britain
There'll Always be an England
Both Feet In The Army
I Don't Believe It
The History of Bomber Command
Angels of Death
The Spitfire
The Blenheim
The Hurricane
The Lancaster
The Wellington
The Flying Fortress
The Sunderland
The Flying Boats
Air Sea Rescue
The Red Arrows
The Me 109
The Focke Wulf 190
The Stuka
German Bombers of WWII
The Mosquito
The Aircraft of World War I
The Tornado
The Vulcan
The Nimrod
The Shackleton
The Hunter
The Thunderbolt
The Harrier
The Jaguar
The Hercules
The Corsair
The Mustang
The Lightning

A War to Remember
Against All Odds
Britain at War
Concise History of WWII
Fighter Aces
Great Battles of WWII DVD
Great Battleships of WWII
Lest We Forget
On A Wing & A Prayer
Prelude to War
Prisoners of War
Snipers of War
Songs That Won the War
The Battle of Britain DVD
The Battle of Crete
The Battle of Kursk
The Battle of Midway
The Blitz on Berlin
The Blitz on Coventry
The Blitz on Dresden
The Blitz on Hamburg
The Blitz on London
The Fall of France
The German Paratroopers
The Guinea Pig Club
The Hitler Youth
The Kreigsmarine
The Luftwaffe
The Panzer
The War At Sea
The War at Sea
The War in Europe

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