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(the following is a selection of our extensive range of programmes)

The Power of Yoga - Stretch & Tone, All media, 2010, 67 mins   NEW!
A simple series of postures, breathing and relaxation exercises improve target areas of your body.
(Series), All media, 2010, 4 x 60 mins approx 
Your personal coach Stephanie Martin helps you with Step exercises, Stretching, Abs & Buttocks.

Gymnastics for Beginners – The Anti-Age Collection  
All Media, 2010, 50 mins    
It’s never too late to start these easy exercises, whether standing or seated, to keep your body fit.

Feng Shui, All media, 55 mins    New to catalogue
Achieve a more harmonious living environment by applying simple and cheap Fung Shui methods.

Reiki, All media, 55 mins     New to catalogue
Ancient Japanese healing method

Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Memory/Stay Young/Relax  
3 x 55 mins  
New to cattalogue
Top tips for making the most of what nature has bestowed, making life better with minimal effort.

Easyfit - Stay Young and Healthy with Diana Moran   All media, 2009, 52 mins   
A workout to help anyone of any age and ability to stay healthy in order to enjoy life to the full.

Massage from around the World (series), All media, 2006/7, 10 x 60 mins approx  
Korean, Thai, Hawaiian, Californian and many styles of relaxing therapy to suit your mood.   
Seniors’ Gym (Series), All media, 2008, 6 programmes 65 to100 mins    
Gentle daily routines for over 60s to maintain the figure, increase suppleness, exercise muscles.

Yoga for All – Hatha Yoga, All media, 2007, 65 mins    
Traditional yoga, combining different & unique postures with correct breathing, and mind with spirit

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, All media, 2009, 105, 100 & 160 mins   
The Basics, Developing the Practice & Mastering the First Series of this dynamic form of yoga.

Yoga for Sport, All media, 2009, 110 mins (four complete sessions)  
Whatever your sport hatha yoga will teach saving energy & rebalancing your body and its tensions

The Greatest Yoga Tips in the World (Series & format), All media, 2006, 90 mins
Great advice to show how yoga can change your life – in an easy and light-hearted style.

Reduce Stress, Learn to Rest, All media, 2007, 80 mins   
Simple, short exercises, & advice, to make you relax in the day, sleep at night, and enjoy life more

Shaolin Warrior Shifu Yan Lei from Shaolin, China (Series)
All media, 2008, 9 x 60 mins    
Shaolin Workout x 3, Qi Gong x 3, Kung Fu Ch’An, Punches & Kicks and Rou Quan (Soft Fist).

Pilates for All – Levels 1 & 2, and Abs Special, All media, 2006, 3 x 50 mins. 
Exercise for 20 minutes a day to reduce stress, improve posture/suppleness, strengthen muscles.

The Greatest Yoga Tips in the World (Series & format)
All media, 2006, 90 mins  
Great advice to show how yoga can change your life – in an easy and light-hearted style.

Yoga with Teressa Asencia, All media, 2007, 57 mins. 
The essentials of gentle yoga for all the family, from the acclaimed writer and TV presenter.

Yoga for Stress (Series), All media, 1995, 40 x 10 mins or 8 x 50 mins
Suitable as inserts or standalone series, the relaxing and calming way to cope with modern life.

Ante-natal Yoga: Relaxation & Exercise in Pregnancy  
All media, 2002, 55 mins
Gentle stretching to keep fit, supple & healthy, and relieve stress before and during childbirth.

Baby Yoga/Toddler Yoga, All media, 2001, 86/52 mins
Gentle exercise, to recover after childbirth, bond with Baby, and stimulate mental/physical abilities.

Fabulously Fit at Fifty and Beyond, All media, 2004, 90 mins
TV presenter and former dancer Angela Rippon shows you how to look good and feel fit.

Body Training Collection, All media, 2000/6, 14 x 50 mins
Exercise how & when you want! Tone, strengthen, shape, stretch, backs, busts, abs, thighs etc.

The Equilibrium Collection, All media, 2005, 66/66/73 mins
Beautiful Legs/Flat Stomach/Zen Slim – special exercises to make you confident of your looks.

Ayurveda Wisdom, All media, 2001, 60 mins
Holistic health & beauty therapy – feel your best and you will look your best!  Practised by Cher!

Complementary Medicine: The Facts, All media, 2003, 74 mins
Top professionals explain 19 subjects including homeopathy, nutrition, iridology, herbalism.

Native American Medicine, All media, 2001, 60 mins
Alternative therapies using herbs, dousing, cedar burning, sweat lodges & meditation.

Breastfeeding without Tears, All media, 2003, 140 mins
Celebrity endorsed practical advice for painless & peaceful feeding by happy mothers & babies.

Towards Natural Childbirth, All media, 2006, 106 mins
Effective massage techniques which soothe the mother-to-be in late pregnancy, in labour & after..

Childbirth Workout, All media, 2005, 60 mins
Low intensity post-natal exercises help mothers regain their figure & stay fit, toned and confident.

Relaxing Massage, All media, 2004, 60 mins
How to master the basic techniques incl. preparation, using appropriate oils and after-massage.

Reflexology – A Practical Guide, All media, 2006, 58 mins. 
The ancient art of curing imbalances within the body, through pressure points on hands & feet.

Tai Chi For Health/Feel Good for Life, All media, 2006, 57/86 mins.
Stylish presentation of this graceful art form, which improves natural health & inner strength.

Tai Chi Chuan 1 & 2/Martial Applications, All media, 2005, 3 x 145 mins. 
Learn Tai Chi with master Jian Liujun; from fundamentals to more advanced principles.

Qi Gong – The 18 exercises of Tai Chi Qi Gong, All media, 2003, 4 x 75 mins
4,000 year old method of developing concentration, to harmonise the circulation of energy.

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