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King Richard III: Martyr or Monster?   HD   All media   2013   60 mins     NEW!
Depicted by Shakespeare as a hunchback villain and child murderer, after 500 years his body was recently  found under a car park and will be reinterred. Experts consider his legacy as an enlightened monarch, who died bravely on the battlefield after establishing justice for the poor. With reconstructions and play extracts.

Whatever happened to the Windsors?, All media, 2006, 2 x 50  or 1 x 100 mins
King Edward VIII & Wallis Simpson after his abdication, soon a biopic WE, directed by Madonna!

The Windsors from George to Kate, All media, 2011, 75 & 104 mins,
The British royal family from George Vi to the engagement of William and Kate.

Diana – A Princess Remembered, All media, 55 mins
Her fife from shy girl to queen of hearts, dramatic death & resting place in the English countryside.

Royal Romances of the British Monarchy, All media, 55 mins
Touching, passionate and often scandalous journey includ. Henry VIII, Charles II and Nell Gwyn.

British Royal Scandals & Conspiracies, All media, 55 mins
Gruesome murders, dangerous liaisons, political back-stabbings that made history.

British Royal Heritage, All media
Complete history of the British Monarchy – irreverent, humorous yet historically accurate.

The Story of Queen Elizabeth II, All media, 2005, 104 mins.     
Life of the monarch, including the death of Diana, immortalised by Helen Mirren in The Queen.

Windsor Castle after the Fire, All media, 2007, 60 mins. 
The amazing story of the restoration of a magnificent British landmark, almost 1,000 years old.

Diana: The People’s Princess/Diana & Dodi, All media, 1997, 2 x 50 mins.             
Remembering the tragically short life of Diana, Princess of Wales, ten years after her death.

The Royal Kingdom (Series), All media, 2004, 10 x 60/20 x 30 mins
The history, pageantry and magnificent palaces, castles and cathedrals surrounding the British royal family.


King Arthur – The Truth Behind the Legend, All media, 88 mins  
The chivalrous king, his queen Guinevere, the Knights of the Round Table and magician Merlin. 


C S Lewis & The Chronicles of Narnia, All media, 60 mins    
Reserved Oxford professor & theologian who wrote The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

J R R Tolkien & The Lord of the Rings, All media, 60 mins    
Quintessentially English professor and friend of Lewis, who made epic mythology accessible to all.

H G Wells & The War of the Worlds, All media, 90 mins   
Author of classic sci-fi tales including a broadcast sensation which caused panic in the streets.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, All media, 2008, 55 mins    
New Holmes movie in production  
The author who created the Victorian private investigator Sherlock Holmes, and who invented CSI

Shakespeare – the Lost Years, All media, 2008, 52 mins    
The world’s greatest playwright, the Globe & Rose theatres, re-enactments & scenes from plays.

The Life of Jane Austen, All media, 2007, 55 mins. 
The countryside, stately homes, and novels of the author now herself a heroine in a major movie.

The Life of Charles Dickens, All media, 2007, 55 mins.
Dickens’s much loved novels epitomised Victorian England, and created unforgettable characters.

Classic Authors: Austen, Dickens, Shakespeare, Brontės, Hardy, Lawrence
All media 2005/8      
One hour biographies of Britain’s greatest writers who created unforgettable characters and plots.



Inspector Morse’s Oxford, HD, All media, 2012   52/85 mins
The books and TV series, including spinoffs Lewis and Endeavour, based upon them, are long term favourites.  Visit the famous sights featured, including ancient colleges, old pubs and the Randolph Hotel.  There are interviews with author Colin Dexter, actor Kevin Whately (Sgt. Lewis) and others.

The Story of London   (Series)   HD   All media   2014   6 x 52 mins     NEW!
The Stories of the River Thames, Royal London, London's Parks and Gardens, London's Castles , London's Palaces and The London Underground celebrate the heritage of one of the most historic and colourful cities of the world.

Moving Icons (Series), All media, 2009, 6 x 48 mins    
The history of the design or invention of great machines, still performing – the Spitfire, Mini car, Corvette roadster, Harrier jet, Triumph Bonneville motorbike and Pacific streamlined steam train.

The Freemasons, All media, 2007, 47 mins
The subject of Dan Brown’s latest blockbuster
A secret society with mystic symbolism & rituals, or a charity promoting truth & brotherly love?

Howard Hughes, All media, 85 mins 
Multimillionaire who changed the face of the film industry and aviation, and became a recluse.

Alexander the Great, All media, 2005, 89 mins
20 year old military genius and ruthless conqueror who shaped history in the 4th century BC.

Sweeney Todd, All media, 2008, 55 mins    
Story of the demon barber of Fleet Street, subject of a recent movie musical starring Johnny Depp

Secret Island of the Holy Grail/Mystery of Rennes-Le-Chateau  
All media, 2006, 2 x 60 mins
Best selling books The Da Vinci Code & Labyrinth have heightened interest in this mystic subject.

The Secret of the Holy Grail, All media, 1996, 3 x 52 mins
Best selling books The Da Vinci Code & Labyrinth have heightened interest in this mystic subject.

The History of Islam, All media, 1999, 60 mins/2 x 30 mins. 
Timely study of a world religion from its foundation 1,350 years ago, to its present day followers.

Las Vegas Like It Used To Be All media, 2001, 52 mins.
Insider account of an era of intrigue, sex & scandal, involving celebrities, gangsters & presidents.

Nelson Mandela - His Life In His Own Words, All media, 2003, 52 mins.
From struggle & imprisonment to presidency – biography of the iconic world celebrated statesman

Pope John Paul II – Man of Destiny, All media, 2002, 52 mins.
The inspiring progress from humble Polish priest to highly revered head of the Catholic Church.

The Maharaja of Jodhpur – The Legacy Lives On, All media, 2004, 60 mins.
A visual treat showing rich history, cultural heritage, pageantry of leader striving to help his people.

George Best – Genius and Legend, All media, 2007, 60 mins.
The supremely talented footballer, who had it all in the 60s, and sadly died an alcoholic.


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