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Moving Icons: The History of Great Machines
(Series), All media, 2010, 6x48,
The Spitfire, Mini car, VW Camper, Harrier Jet, Triumph Bonneville & Pacific streamlined steam train.

History of the VW Camper Van   HD   All media   2010   120 mins  
Produced in co-operation with Volkswagen; the iconic vehicle of choice of surfers, world travellers, music festival attendees and many more.

IAgony of the Ganges, All media, 2007, 52 mins, HD
Best environment film Inkafest 2009
How a glacier, vanishing through global warming, may have drastic impact on the River Ganges.

Paris – A Guided Tour, All media, 2007, 1 x 90 & 1 x 50 mins (2 different programmes)
1. A tour of the historical sites and monuments;
2. The famous sites visited by boat on the Seine.

Steam Trains, All media, 2006; various programmes including some in High Definition
Famous trains, early railways, beautiful scenery – the very best British steam train programmes.

100 Years of British Ships, Trains, Buses, Trams (Series), 2005, 4 x 60 mins
A history of the transport revolution which transformed a nation and influenced the world.

Story of the Mini, All media, 2003, 70 mins
The complete illustrated history of the cult 1960s car, now highly successfully   updated by BMW.

Story of Motoring, All media, 2001, 133 mins
Featuring cars against which all others are judged “ whether for price, luxury,  design or speed.

The History of Flight, All media, 2003, 75 & 107 mins
Celebrating a hundred years of manned flight, from the Wright Brothers to modern space travel.

Concorde: The End of an Era, All media, 2004, 55 mins
30 year history of the graceful, luxurious, technically advanced Anglo-French supersonic aircraft.

Story of Ships, All media, 2001, 110 mins
History of great British ships including Titanic, Lusitania, the Queens, and wartime naval craft.

Steam Trains, All media, 2006, Various titles.
Famous trains, early railways, beautiful scenery “ the very best steam train programmes.

Touring Ireland by Rail, All media, 1998, 50 mins
Journey from Dublin with the scenery, music, culture, handicrafts & city life of the Emerald Isle.  

Saharan Odyssey (Series), HD, All media, 2007, 4 x 50 mins. 
Beautifully filmed journey through the beguiling landscape & heritage of Libya & Algeria.

Golden Globe (Series), All media. 1995/2007, 52 x 60-90 mins
A superb travel series, without presenter, featuring the world’s great vacation destinations.

Historic Edinburgh, All media, 2000, 50 mins
The dramatic origins & fascinating tales of the Scottish capital told in pictures, words & music.


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